Here you'll find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Hereford Youth Football.  Any further questions can be directed to the Commissioner, Brenda Arbogast, at .


When does registration begin?

Registration typically opens in April and will run through the end of May.  Any registration requests after May 31st will be at the discretion of the commissioner.  In some cases, registration may remain open later until a team is filled.  Once the team roster is submitted, registration is officially closed.  


How much is registration?  What does that pay for?

Registration is $325 per player with a $20 per sibling discount.  $275 of the registration fees go towards the cost of the jerseys, equipment maintenance, and referee fees.  The remaining $50 pays for program fees, league fees, and insurance.

Upon registration, each player will receive:

  • A  game jersey to keep 
  • Rental of helmet and shoulder pads for the season
  • Custom Hereford Football tshirt for every player

Every player must provide their own:

  • White practice jersey
  • White practice pants w/integrated pads OR white practice pants, girdle, and knee/hip/thigh pads
  • Tethered mouthpiece
  • Cleats (no metal spikes)

Many of these items (practice pants, practice jerseys, pants and more) will be available in our Team Store!  

Equipment pick up will be held at Hereford Middle School before the beginning of each season.  Each child will be fitted for their helmet and shoulder pads.  A $100 deposit check is required for each child.  This check will be held and given back to you when your child's equipment is returned at the end of the season.

No refunds are given except at the discretion of the Commissioner.


How is our equipment maintained?

Our helmets  are sent out on a revolving schedule every two years for maintenance and reconditioning.  At the reconditioning facility, our helmets are inspected for age and condition.  

  • Any helmet that is 10 years old gets rejected.  Hereford Youth Football also opts to reject the 9 year helmets as an extended safety measure.
  • Any defective or damaged helmets are also rejected
  • The face mask and all padding is removed
  • All helmets are buffed, polished, cleaned and sanitized
  • Face masks are inspected for damage; if any metal is showing they are replaced
  • Padding that is worn is removed and replaced
  • The helmets are put back together and labeled with a sticker showing their reconditioning date

For questions about equipment, please contact Ryan Goloboski


Do we hold fundraisers?

YES!  Fundraising is a huge part of our program.  As you can see above, we operate on a tight budget.  Holding fundraisers allows us to improve our program and enhance each child's experience.

Fundraising efforts over the last few years have allowed us to purchase our own scoreboard and sound system.  The more funds we raise, the more our program will be able to offer. 

Thank you to our sponsors!  Please visit them on our Sponsors page.


What is the schedule like?

The season begins on July 25 .  Before school begins, practices will be held from 6-8 pm at least 4 nights per week at Hereford Middle School (fewer for clinic age groups).  When school begins, practices will be limited to 2-3 times per week, with games held on Saturdays.


Will my child get hurt?

Children have the potential for injury in any sport that they play.  In fact, the sport with the highest instance of concussions in women's soccer!  We take steps to make sure that our football program provides a safe, instructive, and informed stance on injuries and concussions by:

  • All Head and Assistant Coaches being certified in Heads Up Football and Concussion Awareness
  • Personally fitting each child for the properly sized helmet 
  • Regularly sending out our equipment for recertification/reconditioning and replacing any unfit items
  • Instructing players on the proper technique to limit the risk of injury
  • Never forcing players to return to the game after any injury
  • Requiring all players to submit a Pre-Participation Physical Form.

Learn more at our upcoming Q&A Session, to be scheduled in April.


What are the rules and regulations for each age level?

We are a member of the Carroll County Youth Football League (CCYFCL) and are governed by their rules of play.  All rules by age level can be found on their website under the section 'Documents':  http://ccyfcl.org/

Our League is a full contact league at all age levels.

Visit the HZRPC (Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council) website:  http://www.herefordrec.org