Do you know a player, coach, team, volunteer, or parent in the Hereford Youth Football program who deserves to be In The Spotlight?  We want to let them know how much they are appreciated!

This feature would be a great way to highlight:

  • Players who show great sportsmanship
  • Coaches who go out of their way to help their team
  • Teams that had an upset, a big win, or an emotional loss
  • Players who made a great or even game winning play
  • A tireless volunteer
  • Players and coaches who handled a loss with dignity
  • A team that came together to overcome an obstacle or achieve a goal
  • Players who have achieved success outside of football (i.e. academics, awards, etc.)
  • A parent who has made a difference

Email  telling us why this person or team stands out.  Please include your name, a description of the events that explain why the individual deserves to be In The Spotlight, and a photo.  We'll feature them on our front page news and social media!